What is the Price of the Babocush Custom Cushion

Stop babies crying with the affordability of the Babocush Custom Cushion

If you have a newborn baby that is crying a lot and you’re not sure how to handle it, then you might want to look at something like the Babocush. This creative cushion is designed to relieve colic and stop babies from crying by offering them valuable tummy time. It has a built in soothing vibration system, and it plays back simulated heartbeats, leaving the child feeling like they are being hugged as they are soothed to sleep.

The Babocush price varies depending on where you buy it from – but it can be picked up in sales for around $150. This is a great deal for something that will give you some much needed ‘me time’ and the chance to relax or to give undivided attention to a toddler for a little while, as your newborn rests.

The Babocush has been the subject of a lot of controversy in recent weeks, because some parents are concerned that it could be dangerous. These concerns are unfounded if the cushion is used the way it is intended.

The Babocush is used as a ‘tummy time’ aid. It keeps the child in a slightly upright position, secure in a harness, on their tummy with their face turned to one side. The curves of the cushion prevent suffocation and the harness keeps the child secure and safe. If the cushion is used as intended, the child will only be in it for short periods. They are not supposed to sleep in it. When the child is asleep they can be moved into their cot where they will sleep on their back as current guidelines recomment.

The Babocush is useful because a child should not spend extended periods sleeping on their back – too much time on their backs can lead to flat head syndrome. The ideal scenario is that a child spends some time on their tummy, some on their back, and a lot of time being held close to their mother for bonding.

The concerns about front sleeping are valid, but this is not a sleeping device, it is a comforter to soothe colic and help a child relax if they are startled or feeling over-stimulated, and it does that job well. For the price, it makes a lot of sense. It frees up a parent’s hands so that they can cook or wash their toddler, while the newborn sleeps.

This cushion is intended for use by newborns up to babies aged six months. It is perfect for those kids, and it will help them to get better rest, and get relief from not just colic but other conditions as well.

Stopping a baby crying is not easy, but if you’ve tried changing their nappy and feeding them and they’re still restless, it could well be that all they want is to be held and to hear your heartbeat. Babies need attention, and you can’t give them too much when they’re still very young – so take advantage and bond with them.

A Babocush Review – The Cushion that Comforts

Review of the Babocush Baby Rocker Seat Cushion

Babocush rocker reviewThe Babocush baby rocker seat is an innovative new product that was designed by Kerry Nevins, a mum of two who wanted to find a way to help parents cope with the needs of a newborn baby while still being able to give enough attention to the rest of the family. Because of the benefits to mom and dads that come from this product, we decided to provide a Babocush review.

The Babocush rocker seat is designed to help parents get a short break from caring for a newborn. Many modern mothers find themselves struggling to cook, clean, keep up with toddlers and take care of themselves, with a baby in their arms or strapped to them at all times. This is a considerable challenge, and the first thing to suffer is usually the wellbeing of the mother. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was something that could empower the mother to practice self-care so that they could feel better and take better care of the rest of the family? That’s precisely what the Babocush offers guilt-free ‘me time’ for mummy, that will make the baby feel better too.

Babocush Pros

The Babocush is a baby seat that offers a unique ‘tummy down’ and ‘over the shoulder’ type position. The baby is kept in a position that is partially upright, secured in a harness. They are held safe and feel like they are being cuddled, so there’s no need to worry about them feeling ‘startled,’ and there’s no need to worry about them falling off or suffocating.

The Babocush frees up parents to focus on other things. Instead of worrying about their baby “keeping them safe while working in front of hot pans or while in the bathroom” they can set the baby down and keep one eye on them while enjoying full freedom of movement themselves to focus on whatever it is they are trying to get done. The Babocush cushion is, essentially, like having a second pair of hands.
The design has been extensively researched, and carefully tested to ensure that it is as safe and secure as possible. Kerry is a parent herself and cares about the safety of children. She understands that parents are given so much conflicting advice and that it can be confusing for them. That’s why she’s offering a solution that is a simple compromise.

Made From the Best Materials

The Babocush is made out of the highest quality materials, with a secure harness and a semi-upright design. It is not just a cushion, it is not an improvised baby carrier. It is a specially designed system that is safe and well made, using robust, high-quality materials, so that the child is kept safe and protected at all times.

Parents use the Babocush to treat reflux and colic, to help babies sleep better in general, and to comfort them when swings, prams, rocking cots and other traditional baby harnesses and bouncers don’t work. For very young babies, the startle response is a serious issue, and the Babocush helps to prevent that because children are kept in a position that is secure and feels like a hug. They don’t have to worry about over-stimulation. Meanwhile, parents don’t have to worry about the child falling or being injured, getting off the cushion and crawling somewhere they shouldn’t, or rolling into an unsafe position.

The slightly upright way that the child is held is soothing for them, and it also means that they won’t have their airways obstructed. The hardness is similar to the swaddling that parents used to use, and it soothes the child while holding them secure. The idea is that you keep the child in the Babocush for short periods, to soothe and calm them, then, when they are ready to go to sleep, or they are refreshed, you can take them out and put them in a cot or walk around with them in a harness. It’s a short-term tool to soothe an upset baby.

Babocush Cons

The Babocush is not a substitute for a proper cot or chair. It is not a substitute for a mother either. The synthetic heartbeat helps to soothe the baby, but it is not going to help the baby bond with mother. The seat is not designed for long-term sleeping in either. However, been rigorously tested for safety, and if it is used as it is intended for colic comfort when a baby doesn’t respond to other forms of soothing, and to give the mother a little me-time when she needs it, then you will find that this is a great solution and it is something that will really help to improve your family quality of life.

Conclusion of Our Review of the Babocush Rocker

As you can see from this Babocush review, this is an excellent solution for parents who are struggling with the demands of a newborn baby. It gives you the chance to get some freedom and some quality time with your spouse, or a chance to dress smart and do your hair, to feel like an “adult” instead of a “parent” for a few minutes. It lets you take care of your toddler instead of having to continuously run after the baby.

If you’re looking for guilt-free time alone, while your child feels loved and cared for, then you will find it with the Babocush. Give it a try if you want to remind yourself what life is like outside of being a parent. You will love it, and your child will enjoy fewer colic symptoms, better sleep, and more comfortable time.

A Review of The Babocush Baby Seat

The Babocush baby seat is a creative new chair which promises to help parents find more time to take a break, or even a nap, by soothing their child to sleep while they can relax and do other things.

Any parent will tell you that looking after a little human is a full time job. Young babies are restless and don’t follow the sleep patterns that we adults do. They need constant attention, and as much as parents love their kids, sometimes they want a break.

The Babocush offers that by minimic the ‘head over the shoulder’ position that babies love to be in when they’re lying on their mother or father, and it has a built-in speaker that makes heartbeat sounds to help the baby relax. The soother will help a baby fall asleep while you relax and take a moment to tend to personal tasks �” whether that’s brushing your hair or eating a hot meal. The idea is that it gives you the chance to take care of yourself, so that you can later take better care of your baby.

Critics Question The Parent �” Child Bond

Some critics question the value of the Babocush baby chair, noting that it deprives the baby of a chance to hear your heartbeat and feel your warmth. Bonding with a child is a special thing, and using a device to ‘do that job’ takes away from a personal part of parenting. While that’s true, in a way, the chair isn’t intended to be a complete replacement for a parent. It’s something that you would use if you were feeling tired and stressed and desperate to get a break for a few minutes.

Parents have a lot of demands placed on them, and when you’re spending every waking moment taking care of someone else, you can lose your own sense of identity. Taking a few minutes to put your baby in the Babocush chair while you put on some smarter clothes and brush your hair gives you a few minutes to practice self care �” so that you can feel like an adult human for a while. It will perk you up, and give you the energy to then take better care of your child. Historically, children weren’t solely cared for by their own mothers �” others in the family and the community would take on the job as well. This isn’t a replacement for parenting, it’s an aid to it.

Sleep Safety

The chair involves the baby laying on its front, but it is not the same as a crib or a cot and it is not designed to be used like one. Rather, it is an additional aid. The child is strapped into the harness, and rocked to sleep. The design of the harness ensures that the baby is not at risk of flat head syndrome. If the child is going to be sleeping for longer periods, then they should be placed into a proper cot.

The cushion is a great choice for children who have reflux issues and other digestive problems. It allows parents to put them in a soothing position where they can feel comforted, and rest �” especially if they the are usually uncomfortable on their backs. It’s great for colic too.

Is the Babocush a Good Idea?

Parenting multiple children can be stressful. Even parenting one child can be hard if your spouse is out at work, or sick. Cooking and cleaning with a baby strapped to you is unsafe. Sleeping with a child next to you is something that divides experts (some love co-sleeping, some swear it is dangerous). There is so much conflicting advice out there for parents. The Babocush is a solution to some of those challenges, and it has been carefully researched and designed and rigorously tested. This means that you can use it happy in the knowledge that your child will be kept in a comfortable, secure and safe position. This is a specially designed ‘seat’, not something improvised at home that could lead to a baby’s airways being blocked, or the child overheating or otherwise being put at risk because of overly soft pillows or too many blankets.

What is the Babocush Rocker

The Babocush Rocker is an innovative new baby seat that was designed by Kerry Nevins as a way to soothe and comfort her youngest child so that she could have a few moments to tend to her toddler, pay attention to her husband, or even take time for herself.

Caring for a baby that has reflux or is suffering from colic – or even one that is just stressed and tired – is no easy task. Kerry felt that the standard comforters and baby chairs were just not up to the task, so she designed the Babocush; a seat with a difference. The Babocush allows babies to adopt a face-down position that is very close to the ‘over the shoulder’ position that kids are in when being cuddled by their parents. It includes a speaker that plays back a simulated heartbeat to comfort kids and soothe them to sleep.

The Babocush differs from other chairs in that it is specifically designed to be used with the baby in that ‘head over the shoulder’ position. It has a secure harness that holds the baby in place, and the pillows are soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough that the child’s head is held in a stable and safe position. The built in speaker plays a simulated heartbeat sound, comforting the child and helping them relax, and the soft cushion helps to prevent flat head syndrome.

Help Mums Manage Their Time

Mothers of toddlers struggle when they have an addition to the family. It is hard for them to keep up with an inquisitive toddler while also giving the newborn the attention that they need. This is exactly what the Babocush is designed to help with. It lets you safely put your baby down for a while, knowing that they won’t come to harm, while you spend a few minutes on other tasks; whether those other task are personal care or looking after another member of the family is up to you.

Is The Babocush Safe?

The Babocush has created some controversy in the parenting world. There are some mums who worry that the seat could be dangerous because the child is placed in a face-down position. There are even some who worry that by having your child listen to a simulated heartbeat you are making them miss out on the attention and bonding time that young babies need.

There is some truth to this �” but only if the Babocush was used as a replacement for a cot, or as a surrogate parent, and that is not the intent of the seat at all. The idea behind the Babocush is that you should use it as an addition to a normal cot, and as an aid for when you need a few minutes to yourself or your baby is proving inconsolable because it has colic.

When your baby is ready to go to sleep properly, they should be resting in a proper cot or crib. When you’re able to give your child your undivided attention, you should pick them up and give them real tummy time with you. But, when you’re tired and you need to wash yourself or cook a meal, putting your baby in the Babocush harness will keep them safe and comfortable, and give you the time to care for yourself and the rest of your family, guilt free.

The Babocush has been rigorously tested. The harness keeps the baby in a safe, semi-upright position where they can breathe freely, and where they will not experience the startle reflex. To the child, this is a warm and cosy environment where they are getting a gentle hug. They feel soft vibrations, and they’re comforted while they settle down to rest.

Protect Your Child’s Head

For many years, parents were told that they should put their children to sleep on their backs, to prevent cot death. There are risks for children that spend too much time on their backs, though. A child’s skull is soft and could flatten if they are constantly on their backs. Tummy time is important too. It’s hard for parents to know what is right and what is wrong with so much conflicting information out there, but by using the Babocush in addition to a normal crib, your baby gets the best of both worlds �” tummy time during the day, time with an attentive mummy when her attention can be fully on the baby, and time sleeping in a cot in what is considered to be the ‘safest’ position for sleep.

The Babocush is designed to help you as a parent, letting you practice self care and take care of your other kids and family members too, and giving the baby a safe, cosy and comforting experience at the same time.

At What Age Will My Child Stop Crying All of the Time

At What Age Do Babies Stop Crying All The Time: A Guide To Soothe The Woes And Concerns of New Mothers

Having a new baby can be both the happiest and most stressful time in your life that you will ever go through. Once the baby arrives and the initial moment of your life changing forever is a recent memory, it’ll be time to bond with your baby and learn the ropes of being a new mom. During this initial motherhood phase, many women experience worry because their baby is so young and fragile. You will most likely be concerned about little things and wonder if you’re doing something wrong.

This guide will teach you about one of the biggest issues that mothers face — knowing what to do if their baby is crying.

It’s human nature to be concerned or saddened hearing your baby cry his or her heart out. However, it is very important that you realize this is a normal period of time that you’ll eventually get used to. On the road to getting used to your baby crying, however, you will need to learn as much as you can about it. This will allow you to act accordingly and also put your mind at ease.

If you want to learn a little bit more about how you can respond to your crying baby and want to understand more about why they cry, when they usually stop crying and at what points you should definitely be concerned, read these tips below.

Why Babies Cry

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the most natural and likely reasons that your baby would be crying. On a broad level, your baby cries because they don’t yet have the capacity to communicate, so it is the absolute only mechanism that they have available to them to get their needs met. The more they grow and understand their new world, the less reasons they’ll have to cry in order to communicate.

When thinking about these reasons, there are a number of different core reasons that babies are likely to cry. These reasons boil down to your baby attempting to get their basic needs met. Consider the following tips to get a handle on a few of the most likely reasons that your baby is having a fit.

Likely Reasons That Your Baby Is Crying

Your Baby Is Hungry

Hunger is one of the main reasons that your baby would be crying. Newborn babies grow rapidly, when means that their appetite will be virtually insatiable for a little while. It is during this time period that your baby will be most likely to get fussy, so you will need to be prepared to feed them on a regular basis. Since this reason for crying is so normal, it is definitely no reason for alarm.

Your Baby Needs To Be Changed

When your baby needs to be changed, it is important that you handle it quickly. They feel very uncomfortable and may have a risk of developing diaper rash. For this reason, needing to be changed is yet another reason that your baby might be crying. When you are unsure, smell to see if they soiled the diaper, or undo part of it and check. After a while, you will get into a routine of checking for a dirty diaper and be used to it.

Your Baby Wants To Be Held

Another reason that your baby might get fussy is that they need physical touch. Whenever your baby wants to be held, they will cry out for you to pick them up. There are a number of reasons that a baby may want to be picked up. They may have some sort of anxiety from being left along for a while or in a strange or new area, or they may simply want your love, comfort and warmth. Constant love and affection are crucial to a baby’s growth and development, so keep this in mind.

Your Baby Is Sleepy

When your baby is fatigued and can’t fall asleep they will become very irritated. It will be useful to get into a routine of rocking them to sleep, so that they don’t take as long to fall asleep when tired. Having a bed time routine can be very useful in this regard.

Your Baby Is Uncomfortable

If your baby is uncomfortable, such as due to changes in temperature, you will want to check their stomach. If their stomach is very cool or warm, it is indicative that they’re not comfortable with the temperature of their environment. Bundle them up or take off layers accordingly and their cries will subside.

Your Baby Doesn’t Feel Well

When your baby is sick, congested or running up a temperature, they will definitely cry. Keep a baby thermometer handy so that you are able to see if they are running hot. You can buy a pacifier that comes equipped with a thermometer in order to always get the temperature of your baby.

Your Baby Just Wants To Cry

In some situations, your baby may just being crying to release pent up energy. They deal with stress and need to vent just like anyone else, so don’t be alarmed if they seem to be crying for no reason sometimes.
When Do Babies Stop Crying So Much?

It is important to know that your baby will not cry as much the older they get. Starting around the 3 month mark anywhere to about the 18 month mark, your baby will cry much less. They will begin to settle into their own routines and you will begin to understand them better. So by understanding this, you’ll have more patients and will pay attention to the little things pertaining their development.

When Should I Be Concerned?

If your baby is inconsolably crying, you will need to start to be concerned. This may be due to a health issue that they obviously can’t express to you. Ear infections are very common for babies, so always be ready to call the doctor.

Issues related to cognitive conditions, such as autism, may also be linked to prolonged crying. Typically, if your child is older but crying like a baby who is younger, it may be a sign that they are not cognitively developing at a normal spectrum. There are specialists available who can test for these sorts of developmental issues.

Don’t panic. Allow your doctor to do their job and hold off on becoming worried prematurely.

How You Can Help Soothe Your Baby When They’re Crying

It is important that you do everything you can to help your baby when they are being fussy. Start by stocking up toys and accessories like teething rings, pacifiers and toys that can occupy them. You may also want to put on some soothing music, such as classical music to help your baby remain content and present to the moment.
A constantly crying baby could be absolutely nothing, or it could be a reason for concern. It can be a hassle not knowing which way to turn, so this guide served to teach you more about why babies cry. Follow these tips as you built a loving rapport with your baby and monitor their growth.

This way, you will be empowered as a mother and more able to do something about it if the baby is in need of further health care. Use these points and keep your pediatric physician on speed dial just to be on the safe side.